Acoustic Guitars

Sole Baby Size Guitar

IM100 (All Sapele 36″ Guitar)
[easy-media med=”696″ size=”500,100″ align=”left”]
IM110 (Spruce Top 36″ Guitar)
[easy-media med=”689″ size=”500,100″ align=”left”]
IMS310 (Top Solid Spruce 36″ Guitar)
[easy-media med=”697″ size=”500,100″ align=”left”]
SG100B (Spruce Top 36″ Guitar)
[easy-media med=”698″ size=”500,100″ align=”left”]
SG110B (All Sapele 36″ Guitar)
[easy-media med=”699″ size=”500,100″ align=”left”]
SG90B (All Linden Cutaway 40″ Guitar)
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Sole OM Body Guitar

IO110c (Spruce Top Sapele B/S Cutaway 40″ Guitar
[easy-media med=”707″ size=”500,100″ align=”left”]
IO100c (All Sapele Cutaway 40″ Guitar)
[easy-media med=”706″ col=”1″ size=”500,100″ align=”left”]
SG100c (Spruce Top Sapele B/S Cutaway 40″ Guitar)
[easy-media med=”708″ align=”left” col=”1″ size=”500,100″]
SG110c (All Sapele Cutaway 40″ Guitar)
[easy-media med=”709″ align=”left” col=”1″ size=”500,100″]
SG90c (All Linden Cutaway 39″ Color Guitar)
[easy-media med=”710″ align=”left” col=”1″ size=”500,100″]
SG300 (Top Solid Spruce Cutaway 39″ Guitar)
[easy-media med=”711″ align=”left” col=”1″ size=”500,100″]
SG310 (Top Solid Mahogany Cutaway 39″ Guitar)
[easy-media med=”712″ align=”left” col=”1″ size=”500,100″]
SG350 (Top Solid Spruce Rosewood B/S Cutaway 39″ Guitar)
[easy-media med=”713″ align=”left” col=”1″ size=”500,100″]

  3 comments for “Acoustic Guitars

  1. Flynn
    March 7, 2015 at 12:22 pm

    How much is the sg110c? Thanks.

    • moonpubw
      March 10, 2015 at 7:29 pm


      Thank you for your comment.

      The retail price of the item you asked is USD150. If you are not in South Korea, you need to pay the shipping cost. If you are a dealer who wants to distribute our products to your country, please contact us via email. Then I will send you the dealer price.

      Thank you.


  2. March 29, 2015 at 1:15 am

    i hope all cut-away model is produced in sharp style and glossy finish… that looks more high-end guitar and gorgeous

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